How to compile Linux TVision for IDA Pro

Ida Pro Linux

After hours of probes, i have finally compile Linux TVision for IDA Pro. First of all, you need idasdk (i have use idasdk49):

1. Cd to idasdk directory

2. Untar & Unzip TVision source code ( in idasdk directory.

2b. [NEW] Edit the allmake.unx file to modify path to the sdk (the IDA variable)

3. cd sources

4. edit makefile and change ../../../…. for ../ in allmake.mak and objdir.mak

5. [NEW] Copy libida*.so files from your ida distribution to the idasdk/bin directory.

6. Finally, perl ../bin/

(7. [NEW] With gcc 4.x.x you could get the error: extra qualification ‘TCommandSet::’ on member ‘isEmpty’ in include/views.h
To resolve it, edit views.h and change Boolean TCommandSet::isEmpty(); with Boolean isEmpty();

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  1. Pascal La Fevre Oct 2

    I must be missing something, when I tried this with the tvision source ( and the 5.1 SDK from datarescue’s site it didn’t work

    This threw a number of errors for me:

    1) Elements compiled in old .a format
    had to add an -fPIC statement to the CFLAGS in allmake.unx

    2) …..sdk/bin/ not found
    (this wasn’t part of the SDK and seems to be a wrapper around ar to create an old style tv.a file.

    I created a quick hack for

    # Strip AR param

    # Get library name and change .a -> .so
    LIB=”`echo $1 | sed ’s/a$/so/g’`”

    strip $@
    gcc -shared -W1,-soname,${LIB} -o ${LIB} $@
    strip ${LIB}
    # -EOF-

    3) I copied this .so over the in the IDA directory and ran idal, which then threw 2 errors:

    ./idal: /usr/local/idaadv/ no version information available (required by ./idal)
    ./idal: relocation error: ./idal: symbol _ZTI7TWindow, version VERS_1.0 not defined in file with link time reference

    Any ideas?

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