DiskPart, or How to resize a partition in W2K3?

Last week i was trying to resize a W2K3 partition of a vmware disk image. I couldn’t install Partition Magic 7, because it’s not compatible for W2K3 Server, and i was lost since a find a great utility from MS: Diskpart. With this command line tool is easy to resize an existing partition (not the boot partition in use). So i had to:

  • add the disk to another W2K3 Vmware virtual machine (so i had two disk)
  • Start the vmware and W2K3 image (with the two disk)
  • Launch diskpart
  • list volume and select volume X (in my case X was 1)
  • extend

That’s all. The partition has been extended to all the disk.

Execute diskpart.exeDiskPart commandsDisk Extended

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