Load Average, what does it mean?

The three load-average values in the first line of top output (you could use uptime or w (who) command too) are the 1-minute, 5-minute and 15-minute load average of the system. But what does load average really mean?. Reading from left to right, these values are the CPU load average for the last 1, 5 […]

User Mode Linux: Bus error - the /dev/shm or /tmp mount likely just ran out of space

Sometime, when you are compiling some big applications inside UML, you can get a UML hang with the error:
Bus error - the /dev/shm or /tmp mount likely just ran out of space
Kernel panic - not syncing: Kernel mode signal 7
After some research and googling i could solve the problem. The host system had mounted […]

IdaLinux in BackGround or without output to the screen

Ida use Linux Tvision to show the Ida interface in Linux systems. This library doesn’t allow I/O redirections (redirected stdin/stdout), launch ida in background (with &) or launch ida from a script in a webserver.
Sometimes is useful to launch ida in background (with -B option, automated ida analysis with idc or IdaPython scripts). For this […]