This great book ( has a reference (Background IDA on Linux, Chapter 10, page 196) to the patch I developed for TVision. This patch allows IDA to be run in the background on Linux:
I talked to Ilfak to add the patch to the TVision source code, however he told me that now there is a […]

Virus Bulletin 2008 (Ottawa)

I’m back from Virus Bulletin 2008. This year it has been in Ottawa (Canada). This is my second VB. This year I’ve done a presentation about a project that I’m developing in Panda. You can download the slides:

If want to read more abou it, you can download the entire paper: “Graph, Entropy and Grid Computing: […]

IDALinux in background: New patch for Tvision (release 20/11/2007)

There is a new Tvision version (released on 20/11/2007). You need it if you want to recompile Tvision for IDAPro 5.2. The patch to launch IDA in background doesn’t work with this Tvision package, so i have released a new patch for it. Enjoy it.
Tvision patch for IDALinux (Version 0.2) for TVision IDA port […]

IdaLinux in BackGround or without output to the screen

Ida use Linux Tvision to show the Ida interface in Linux systems. This library doesn’t allow I/O redirections (redirected stdin/stdout), launch ida in background (with &) or launch ida from a script in a webserver.
Sometimes is useful to launch ida in background (with -B option, automated ida analysis with idc or IdaPython scripts). For this […]

Ida Pro Linux: IdaPython with MySQLdb support

Here i am again. I succesfully compiled IdaPython 0.8.0 for Ida Pro 5.0 . I used 4.9 sdk version (yes, finally Ida SDK is compatible between versions, thanks Ilfak), but when i tried to use MySQLdb module (import MySQLdb) in a script inside Ida, i got the following error:
ImportError: /usr/lib/python2.4/site-packages/ undefined symbol: _Py_NoneStruct
But this error […]

How to compile Linux TVision for IDA Pro

After hours of probes, i have finally compile Linux TVision for IDA Pro. First of all, you need idasdk (i have use idasdk49):
1. Cd to idasdk directory
2. Untar & Unzip TVision source code ( in idasdk directory.
2b. [NEW] Edit the allmake.unx file to modify path to the sdk (the IDA variable)
3. cd sources
4. edit makefile […]